Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Is The WNBA???

I enjoy watching alot of sports, The WNBA happens to be one of them. But where is it?? Before the season started it was said that ESPN2 was going to air games all season. But where is it???? I was looking on the internet and I seen that it is about to be the All-Star Break. WOW already. Who would have known. I watch even though I know they don't have the athleticism or as much excitment as the NBA but they compete just as hard which makes for great Basketball action. But if its not on T.V. how can they capture new fans(even alot of people already has a pre-concieved notion of it). I guess its true when they say the NBA's Operating Money is the only reason there is still a WNBA..............Im Just Sayin..........................Sportskrack

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