Monday, July 13, 2009

Do You Know What I Hate.......

I really hate when Reporters say "Sources Say". A story gets anaylized and personal opinions about a certain topic are formed based on a "source". We don't know Who this source is. To Me a Source isn't credible if we don't know who it is confirming it or if the story is even true. Thats like me calling Rachel Nichols saying "I just saw Lebron James Snatching a Old Ladies Purse while she was carrying groceries in downtown Akron". A crappy story like that can grow legs and it will become BREAKING NEWS on ESPN, scrolling across the bottom of the screen. A story that was a top story on ESPN that was based on a "source" was proven not to be true by ANOTHER SOURCE, on more than one occasion. And I watch the sprots anchors get excited about idiot "source" riddled stories like some school girls that just one a game of hopscotch at recess. Talking about it is irritating... When will they base all the stories on a source that is named...I'm just saying.....................Sportskrack

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