Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Brett Favre,!!!!!

Dear Brett Favre,

Everyone in the sports world, even people that doesnt watch football knows what you're going to do, just get it over with. You're not going to missed the opportunity to stick it to your old team, even though ONE WHOLE SEASON has passed. You didn't leave the Jets and Retire AGAIN for no reason. You didn't get the shoulder surgery for no reason. Why drag it out? What's taking soooo long? Oh wait, you have to check with your family to see the best option for you like LAST time. Come on Brett just have the press conference we know is going to happen. Just dont wait ALLLL THE WAAAAAAYY until next week...............Im Just Saying.....................Sportskrack


  1. Hey excellent blog thanks

  2. It really is time for him to go away. Instead of going out on top, he's going to end up looking foolish, on and off the field. It really is a shame.

  3. It is a shame, but I admire the guy anyway.

  4. vertical exercisesJuly 28, 2009 at 10:48 PM

    Maybe he realized that it's time for him to retire.
    We don't even know the reason behind it.


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