Friday, July 31, 2009

WOW....IM SHOCKED...Well Not Really!!

I'm choosing not to write about this because its not suprising. Whoever has this list of positive tests from 2003 should have just released the entire list because the fans are starting not to care....................................SportsKrack

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

WWE On A Sports Blog????

I have been a fan of the WWE and other Pro Wrestling for as long as I can remember. The WWE is a multi, MULTI Million Dollar business and categorize themselves as SPORTS Entertainment. Should it be acknowledged with other main sports? We all know there are storylines, rehearsals and pre-determined match results, but these wrestlers have to have a great deal of athleticism, endurance, be in tip top shape like basketball, football and other "real sports". Does Pro Wrestling belong on a sports blog with the other sports. Help Me Out.........................................SportsKrack

Steinbrenner's Wallet Is Paying Off!!

At the first part of the season it seemed that it was more money down the drain with another mediocre season. But I looked up and seen over the past weeks the Yankees have been on fire. CC and the gang is pitching good, the bats are swinging well. As of right now they're on pace for 100 wins while last years contenders, The Red Sox and the Rays are falling behind big time. I hate to say it but the way they're playing we might see them deep in the playoffs(I dont want to say World Series lol)....................Im jus saying.............................SportsKrack

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Boxer Vernon Forrest Killed In Attempted Robbery!!!

Champion Vernon Forrest was killed in a attempted robbery in Atlanta. He was At a gas station putting air in the tire of his Jaguar when the robbery took place. He had a child in the car with him. With him being a sports figure, I'm taking the time to speak on whats going on all over the country. People getting robbed for something these people worked hard for. Who are you to take something that someone put there blood, sweat and tears into obtaining(especially in Vernon's Case)?. This is a senseless incident that is happening way too often not just to atheletes but to hardworking men and women all over the country. Somethings Got to Give.. R.I.P Vernon Forrest................................SportsKrack

Friday, July 24, 2009

Dear Brett Favre,!!!!!

Dear Brett Favre,

Everyone in the sports world, even people that doesnt watch football knows what you're going to do, just get it over with. You're not going to missed the opportunity to stick it to your old team, even though ONE WHOLE SEASON has passed. You didn't leave the Jets and Retire AGAIN for no reason. You didn't get the shoulder surgery for no reason. Why drag it out? What's taking soooo long? Oh wait, you have to check with your family to see the best option for you like LAST time. Come on Brett just have the press conference we know is going to happen. Just dont wait ALLLL THE WAAAAAAYY until next week...............Im Just Saying.....................Sportskrack

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Thats It?!? The VIdeo Of LBJ Getting Dunked On.(TheRealVideo)

Is this what the sports world was buzzing about? Was that it? Are You Serious? I seen him get dunked on worse than this. Judge for your self..... Click on the title

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Where Is The WNBA???

I enjoy watching alot of sports, The WNBA happens to be one of them. But where is it?? Before the season started it was said that ESPN2 was going to air games all season. But where is it???? I was looking on the internet and I seen that it is about to be the All-Star Break. WOW already. Who would have known. I watch even though I know they don't have the athleticism or as much excitment as the NBA but they compete just as hard which makes for great Basketball action. But if its not on T.V. how can they capture new fans(even alot of people already has a pre-concieved notion of it). I guess its true when they say the NBA's Operating Money is the only reason there is still a WNBA..............Im Just Sayin..........................Sportskrack

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vick Back In The NFL Soon????

Michael Vick's Sentence is offically over. After Paying his debted to society it is time that Roger Goodell reinstates him. Keeping him out of the league any further would in my opinion would be pointless. His Actions were inexcusable but he took every politicly correct step to take responsibility for his actions. He took every step to put the dog fighting situation behind him, so a decision on letting him back in my eyes shouldn't be a hard one..........i'm just saying...............SportsKrack

I Was Rooting For The Old Guy!!!

Even though he lost in a playoff with Stewart Cink for the Open Champoinship, Tom Watson Made A Huge Impact as if he won the tournament. In his seeming re-introduction into the golf notables, Watson jumped 1,269 spots in the PGA rankings to the 105th spot. What he did this weekend in my eyes is reminiscent of Rocco Mediate's Proformance against Tiger Woods last year. Tom Watson Breathed new life into his golf career and hopefully the old timer can compete at a high level one more time...........................SportsKrack

"Shaq Vs" Tune In August 18!!!

NFL Madden 10 Coming Next Month Check It Out!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Is It Really A Big Deal???

Tiger Woods Miss the Cut at The Open Championship with a +5 showing. Is this Really a big deal? With all the accolades Tiger has a achieved in golf I say NO. All the tournament he won I find it hard to believe that missing the cut is a big deal. Even though he was cut from this tournament, he is still decades ahead of some of your other favorite golfers..........I'm just saying................SportsKrack

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Was The Point Ricky???

Whats the point on entering the draft if you dont plan on having a commitment with the team that picks you. Ricky Rubio knew it would take millions to buyout his contract with his current team overseas, and the money would come out his pockets. After the draft his father comes out and says he may stay overseas. My question is, What was the point of entering the draft, if he knew there was a chance he was staying overseas??.........I'm just asking.................SportsKrack

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

LOL at Travis Henry!!!

Former Denver Broncos Running Back Travis Henry was just sentenced to 3 years in prison for financing a drug trafficking ring.WOW. Now if he followed the same work ethic trafficking blow as he did in football, he would have....?? Well... he would have been sentenced to 3 year in the bing.LOL.. I Guess he was lazy at every company he worked for.LOL...........I'm just saying.................SportsKrack

Still A Free Agent..ARE U SERIUOS!!

Man I understand that teams have to acquire talent that compliments there roster, but finding it hard to believe that there isn't a team that Allen Iverson won't fit in. And I'm not buying what people are saying, that he's toxic and disruptive. Thats BS. I know he's in serious talks with the Clippers right now but what took SO LONG. Even with a guy like Lamar Odom, a versitile player who can guard and play the 1-4 positions. Why weren't teams jumping at him when Free Agency started..? He a player in my eyes that can fit with any team with any style of play... This offseason has been weird to say the least..... I'm just saying................sportskrack 82syzinxvb

Monday, July 13, 2009

Do You Know What I Hate.......

I really hate when Reporters say "Sources Say". A story gets anaylized and personal opinions about a certain topic are formed based on a "source". We don't know Who this source is. To Me a Source isn't credible if we don't know who it is confirming it or if the story is even true. Thats like me calling Rachel Nichols saying "I just saw Lebron James Snatching a Old Ladies Purse while she was carrying groceries in downtown Akron". A crappy story like that can grow legs and it will become BREAKING NEWS on ESPN, scrolling across the bottom of the screen. A story that was a top story on ESPN that was based on a "source" was proven not to be true by ANOTHER SOURCE, on more than one occasion. And I watch the sprots anchors get excited about idiot "source" riddled stories like some school girls that just one a game of hopscotch at recess. Talking about it is irritating... When will they base all the stories on a source that is named...I'm just saying.....................Sportskrack

Sunday, July 12, 2009



No Disrespect But......

Some Nascar fans have to think the same way that I do Sometimes. 300, 400, 500 laps. Im I really going to sit here at the track or on my couch for that long watching cars go in the same circle OVER and OVER AND OVER. For the most part I don't dislike Nascar but I find it interesting after the first 490 laps when everyones jocking for position. Thats almost the oly time theres any action. Well I noticed the fans get amped up when crashes occur. I find myself getting a little excited when cars go flying into the air, metal bending, glass shattering. But does that make me and the fans crazy because we're cheering the action while someone could be seriously injured or even DEAD....... I'm just saying.........................SPORTSKRACK

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Famed Boxing Champion Arturo Gatti Found Dead

Boxer Arturo Gatti Found Dead at a Aptartment in Brazil. Very little information has been released but foul play is suspected. He was found Heavy blood stains on his neck and in the back of his head. he was 37........ will update when more info is avalible............SPORTSKRACK

MLB All Star Voting is a Joke!!!

Please Tell me how players that was either injured the majority of the season or suspended for 50 games get voted into the MLB All-Star Game. And why are they even on the ballot to begin with. Bug Selig is a IDIOT and this adds to my case.......SPORTSKRACK

Na,Na,Na,Na, Hey, Hey, Hey, GOODBYE!!!

The media over the past few months have been paying too much attention on Lebron leaving a team that is a title contender, whos front office is consistently acquiring talent to make them better and can pay him more than any other team when he becomes a free agent. While down in South Beach Dwade is quietly packing his bags getting ready for next stop in 2010.A fiery fued has been ignited between the superstar and the teams president Pat Riley. Wade said he would resign if the team is a title contender in the upcoming season. While Pat Riley says they won't make any significant moves as far as talent until Dwade resigns. Wade says its not a fued but says "He opened a wound". Seeing as last year they were inconsistent, got ousted in the first round by the Hawks and visibly needed upgrades at multiple positions on and off the bench, it will be interesting to see how the team handles this situation in the next few months... Will keep u posted...........SPORTSKRACK

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Dunk Heard(but not Seen) Around the World!!!

Here From the Man that dunked on Lebron James.. Xavier's Jordan Crawfords First Interview.........SPORTSKRACK

Somebody Tell Me Why????


Question Of The Day?

Will Ron Artest help the lakers or Hurt them???.....SPORTSKRACK

Cram On The King!!!

The recent events that had Lebron at the Recieving end of a College kids poster isn't really suprising. During his 6 year career LeBron has been on the recieving end of a few players slams. Carmelo Anthony, Courtney Lee and a sick one by Nick Young to name a few.. The real Controversy is that we might not ever see two handed throw down Delivered by Xavier's Jordan Crawford. Nike Confiscated the tape saying that taping Camps are against Policy. But rumor has it that LBJ is ALLEGEDLY the one that requested the tape... What are your thoughts? And does this change the way you look at LeBron?......SPORTSKRACK
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