Monday, August 24, 2009


Besides the players families and baseball scouts, who really watches the Little League World Series on ESPN? I honestly remember watching a whole game a couple years ago, at the end of the game Im cheering for the team that won thinking they won the "World Series". I watched a little longer waiting for the Throphy Ceremony and I seen the players werent celebrating as much as I was. I Felt stupid when I found out the LLWS was like a tournament. A tournament so big that its hard to keep up with all the teams that are participating...............Im Jus Sayin.................SportsKrack

Has Beasley Lost It???

Word is that Miami Heat Forward Michael Beasley has checked into a undisclosed rehab center. Reasons were said to be substance abuse but not the "hippie lettuce" and psychological issues. As I heard on SC the basketball community is not surprised of Beasley's problems. Leaving suicidal messages on Twitter is scary so its good to hear he went to get help. Why does some Athletes with a promising future that come from nothing tends to self-destruct when they finally make it?.........................SportsKrack

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The South African Caster Semenya is now subject to gender tests and questions after smokin the competition at the World Championships in the 800. She beat the second place runner by 2.45 seconds. I read about this on Yahoo Sports and thought "here we go again Another athlete cant be this good,why does something always have to be going on". Until I saw her(or his) pictures. And after seeing those, I would test her too. The International Federation and writers may have a point this time.......................SportsKrack

What Did I Tell U About Brett!?!

This is the exact reason why I didnt post anything about Brett saying he was going to "STAY RETIRED". Because I knew like everybody else that all he wanted to do was skip out on camp. I also think Brett became accustomed to all the attention he recieved over the past 2 years of this saga. I say that because It seemed like when Mike Vick Stole the headlines by signing with the Eagles, attending practice and showing up on 60 Minutes here comes Brett Favre "UnRetiring" AGAIN and Snatching the spotlight back for himself where he thinks it belongs. I honestly dont have a problem with Favre coming back, I just dont like how he's gone about it. Just say you want revenge on the Packers Front Office, Just say you want to ruin the Packers Playoff chances and Get GM Ted Thompson fired. All You have to do is tell the truth, then get on your career with the Vikings... Just get prepared to get BOOOOED when you step foot in Lambeau with that purple helmet on..................SportsKrack

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Ok, Being traded four times in an entire career is bad enough(No Disrespect Shaq,3 times). But FOUR TIMES in one summer is Terrible. Quentin Richardson has just been traded to the Miami Heat today which makes #4. He has become the victim of his own expiring contract of 8.7 million. Still, Im thinking none of the first three teams thought to keep him for his talent, is really saying something about his worth in the NBA..................Im Just Saying..............................SportsKrack

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boring Week In Sports!!

Sorry for the 1 week layoff, I was sleeping the entire week because the sports world for some resason was kind of boring. Even with Tiger winning the Bridgestone, and one of the most intimidating men in baseball Kevin Youkilis rushing to the mound and getting SIDE WALK SLAMMED, I still slept through the week. The NFL preseason has just started and College Football will begin soon so now I guess will have some new storylines to Keep me awake........................SportsKrack

Friday, August 7, 2009

Inspirational Story of the Year!!

I want to shout out ESPN For showing this story. The story that can put a grown man in tears and inspire a country. What caught my attention is that it took place in my hometown of Cleveland,OH. Just Showing that the most inspirational stories can come from anywhere. Check the the ESPN OTL piece.......... Click the Title

The Juice Is Not Just For Baseball Players!!

So it looks like Rashard Lewis took a couple of sips of the juice. He was suspended the first 10 games of the upcoming season after testing positive for Performance Enhancing Substance. He says the high testosterone levels were from a over the counter supplement he purchased last season that contained a substance banned by the league. With the suspension Lewis will miss out on 1.6 million dollars. With all that money you cant afford to do the research on what you're putting into your body. Why are You buying over-the-counter supplements anyway, isn't that what teams trainers and nutritionists are for.............................Im Just Sayin...................SportsKrack

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What A PayDay!!

Wow... Former Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning Just recieved a pay check that even his big brother would envy. The Little Manning agreed to a 6-year 97.5 million with 35million guaranteed. Im personally a fan of Eli but is he worth all of that money? He won a Super Bowl But should he be among the leagues highest paid QBs? I Actually think he is worthy of that pay day. Even though the Giants didnt make any noise in the playoffs this past season, Eli has proven to be the perfect facilitator for Tom Coughlin's system and the leader of the Giants. Enjoy the money Little Brother..................................SportsKrack

Monday, August 3, 2009

No Tweeting For Ocho Cinco!!

Roger Goodell is the guy with absolutely "zero" personality. Everything that the players come up with to make things entertaininggets banned. Chad Ocho Cinco a few weeks back said he was going to tweet during games. Goodell recently said he wouldnt allow it. Your focus does need to be on the game at hand but who says he cant keep his focus. Commissioner BuzzKill is actually Missing out on extra ratings from the people that doesnt watch football but are going to tune in just to see what hes going to do. That was proven before they banned the innovative TD celebrations(some innovative). NFL is truly showing that they're the No Fun League...............Im Just Sayin...................SportsKrack

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Starbury: Crazy or Bored??

Stephon Marbury's recent webcam antics have me and everyone else questioning his sanity. Or is it a rich person with nothin to do... You be the judge...... Click the title
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