Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What A PayDay!!

Wow... Former Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning Just recieved a pay check that even his big brother would envy. The Little Manning agreed to a 6-year 97.5 million with 35million guaranteed. Im personally a fan of Eli but is he worth all of that money? He won a Super Bowl But should he be among the leagues highest paid QBs? I Actually think he is worthy of that pay day. Even though the Giants didnt make any noise in the playoffs this past season, Eli has proven to be the perfect facilitator for Tom Coughlin's system and the leader of the Giants. Enjoy the money Little Brother..................................SportsKrack


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  2. Great pay for him that just keep him in charge no quarterback controversy for New York showing New yorkers that they (owners) are in control you know with the Plexico stuff


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