Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Still A Free Agent..ARE U SERIUOS!!

Man I understand that teams have to acquire talent that compliments there roster, but finding it hard to believe that there isn't a team that Allen Iverson won't fit in. And I'm not buying what people are saying, that he's toxic and disruptive. Thats BS. I know he's in serious talks with the Clippers right now but what took SO LONG. Even with a guy like Lamar Odom, a versitile player who can guard and play the 1-4 positions. Why weren't teams jumping at him when Free Agency started..? He a player in my eyes that can fit with any team with any style of play... This offseason has been weird to say the least..... I'm just saying................sportskrack 82syzinxvb

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  1. I am really surprised no one sees this The Dallas Mavericks is the best fit (remember 76ers big point guard (Snow)and AI) JKid and AI big front line that run no braner Cubian pull out your check book


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