Thursday, July 16, 2009

What Was The Point Ricky???

Whats the point on entering the draft if you dont plan on having a commitment with the team that picks you. Ricky Rubio knew it would take millions to buyout his contract with his current team overseas, and the money would come out his pockets. After the draft his father comes out and says he may stay overseas. My question is, What was the point of entering the draft, if he knew there was a chance he was staying overseas??.........I'm just asking.................SportsKrack

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  1. I really think when you enter the draft the teams(or country) that u play for should already be take care of ie.. the buy out shold be already taken care of by player or who ever before you can enter just simular to college kids once enter and a agent is involved u are all in let him g back have not proven anything yet who that guy name that Boston Red Soxs paid all that money too...???? thats right I dont know either


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